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UNIT 1 Review

   -  BE    affirmative/negative/interrogative
         online exercises 

 -  HAVE GOT - theory and online exercises

POSSESSIVE ADJECTIVES= Learn the possessive adjectives
  Possessive adjectives - practice online

UNIT 2 Review

  Possessive's - Genitive Case

  Possessive's exercises
  more exercises

- Possessive pronouns

  Learn the possessive pronouns
  Practise the possessive pronouns
  Possessive pronoun or possessive adjectives? Let's find it!
- Regular and irregular plural nouns

   How we create the plural    List of irregular plural nouns and practice.

   Change to plural practice online
   More exercises

- a/an, the or zero article
- question words

UNIT 3 Review
Revising the present simple
Present simple exercises


Gap filler with karaoke and quiz


Games online
You can practise from grammar rules, vocabulary, word order, spelling, phrase making, to 'Hang Man', among others.
A very useful and amusing way of learning and practising English Grammar.

PETER RABBIT by Beatrix Potter

Tale from youtube

Beatrix Potter loved the countryside and she spent much of her otherwise conventional Victorian childhood drawing and studying animals. Her passion for the natural world lay behind the creation of her famous series of little books. A particular source of inspiration was the English Lake District where she lived for the last thirty years of her life as a farmer and land conservationist. The Tale of Peter Rabbit, published in 1902, was her first book, expanded from an illustrated letter she had sent to a young friend who was ill. One hundred years later the classic tale of naughty Peter Rabbit's escape from Mr. McGregor's garden still brings to children all over the world the pleasure that it gave to its very first reader

In the classroom with 3rdB ESO 

Storytelling to 4th Primary

Before watching Peter Rabbit at Cine Ideal

Trailer of the film Peter Rabbit


UNIT 1 Review   GRAMMAR    -  BE    affirmative/negative/interrogative           online exercises    -    HAVE GOT - theory and onli...